About Nance E

I cannot remember a time when art and creativity was not a part of my existence. I've always felt the need to express myself through some form of art, whether it be with words, drawings, paintings (having several years of art lessons), crafts, decorating something or photos. In recent years I have moved on to scrap booking and cardmaking as a way to integrate my photography and crafty skills. However, photography has always been my true love. Growing up in West Virginia with all it's beauty may have something to do with it.

Currently, my boys are almost in college (one next fall and one in 2011) and I find I have more time to devote to my own passions and I am falling in love all over again with photography. My purpose here is to simply share my creative visions with others for their enjoyment. With that said, as my photos and postings are exclusively mine, please respect them as such. Come back everyday to see the newest posts. I gladly welcome any comments, constructive criticism and critiques you wish to share with me about my photos.


Nance E. Salkeld

Photography Equipment

Nikon D40 Digital Camera