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Pumpkins Petite
11 October 2009

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Feathered Elegance
9 October 2009

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Homes For Sale
8 October 2009

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Morning Swim
7 October 2009

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Legs & Fog
3 October 2009

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Wrent Free
1 October 2009

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Soccer Balls
28 September 2009

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Contemplative Walkway
26 September 2009

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on Extra Blessings!
Wow, new life. How fun to see them.

Steve Rice on Extra Blessings!
A great shot of these hungry kids.

LauraS on Extra Blessings!
What a fantastic shot. Hope they are safe where they are, but you are watching. What a wonderful Mother's Day ...

fateme@@ on Extra Blessings!
LOVELY shot! Sorry

fateme@@ on Extra Blessings!
LOELY shot!

Steve Rice on May Flowers

kiwisa on May Flowers
Gorgeous colour.

Steve Rice on Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Salkeld
A fine portrait of the newlyweds.

Steve Rice on Pelican in OK?
Nice portraits!

B. Thomas on St. Francis
I've been doing some shots of St. Francis church and statue in Santa Fe. I like him from what I know.

Ruthiebear on St. Francis
I like the way you used the light.

Steve Rice on St. Francis
A lovely sculpture.

Steve Rice on Red Wings
Excellent! Lots of detail and subtle colors. Really well done.

Steve Rice on Guardian Angel
A lovely composition.

kiwisa on 9/11 Memorial -Never Forget
Excellent collage of this poignant memorial.

kiwisa on Freedom Tower One
Gosh it is tall…reaching into the heavens.

kiwisa on Guardian Angel
Gosh that is so beautiful. Your DOF is perfect and focuses on the beautiful angel.

omid on Guardian Angel
very nice!!!! so beautiful composition, focus, colors, lights & bokeh! L O V E L Y !!!!!

Steve Rice on Freedom Tower One
Beautiful image of the tower!

Jacques Brassard on 9/11 Memorial -Never Forget

Steve Rice on 9/11 Memorial -Never Forget
A fine tribute to those lost on that awful day.

Steve Rice on Listenin'...
Wonderfully cute. A nicely detailed photo.

B. Thomas on Listenin'...

Steve Rice on Peter Rabbit
A sweet shot.

Steve Rice on Happy #48, Dave!
Happy Birthday to him!

Dimitrios on Happy #48, Dave!
he is very fortunate having by him an aminus3 photographer! happy birthday Dave

Steve Rice on Rameses -- Tarheel Pride
A fearsome beast! Football already?

B. Thomas on Patio Pal
I love watching them when we go to Colorado. We don't have them here, but I think they are so cute.

Steve Rice on Patio Pal
Cute shot of this little critter.

Steve Rice on Petal Soft

amirbaba on Patio Pal
how beautiful

omid on Patio Pal
wooooooooooooooooooooooow! very nice!!!!! so so beautiful frame, focus, colors, lights & bokeh!!!! L O V E L Y !!!!

Sarito on Patio Pal
Cool little pal..

Marie-Line on Patio Pal
So cute ! Well composed

omid on Sunny Flower
very nice!!!! so beautiful frame, focus, colors, lights & treatment! lovely!

Steve Rice on Sunny Flower
A pretty shot and processing.

Steve Rice on Canine Campout
Ha ha, they're having fun!

B. Thomas on Canine Campout
To funny. Happy Silly Tuesday! ;-)

Steve Rice on Remember
A beautiful image. Lovely light.

Judy aka L@dybug on Remember
A perfect photo for today, Nance ... we were there four years ago following our g-dtr's graduation from Georgetown.

omid on Remember
very nice & amazing!!! so beautiful composition, colors & lights!!!!

kiwisa on Remember
This is a wonderful memorial to remember those who gave their lives in WWII.

Steve Rice on Just a walkin'

sido on Just a walkin'
Nice shot.

Shaahin Bahremand on Just a walkin'
best shot

Basile Pesso on Just a walkin'
Wonderful framing. Very good overexposure, and super shadows !

Ahmad on Refreshment
So beautiful! lovely!

Ruthiebear on Happy Mother's Day!
Sorry I am late to the party - Happy Mother's Day and love these family shots.

B. Thomas on Happy Mother's Day!
What a difference the years make. Nice presentation, well done. Handsome guys at any age.

Judy aka L@dybug on Happy Mother's Day!
Wonderful shots to document the passage of time. Happy Mother's Day. Interestingly enough, we are staying in ...

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